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What is CCTV:
CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV. This technology uses a television camera mounted on a remote control transporter that travels through the pipe sending real time information through a multi-conductor cable back to a host computer. The TV image is then displayed on a high resolution monitor for the operator to view the inspection. Also a parallel monitor or host computer records all video and data related to the inspection.

Benefits of CCTV
CCTV is a very cost effective method of pinpointing deficits inside a pipe. The pay back to the customer using CCTV is extremely high. The key is to know exactly where the deficits are in a line, the exact condition, and the location of the deficit. Based on the CCTV report generated and video evidence, we can enable repair crews to strategically pinpoint a target area and repair the deficit efficiently. All deficits such as cracks, root intrusion, off-set joints, infiltration, and any other problems are recorded and marked. The camera will also “pan and tilt” with zoom capability to look closely at the problem area. Still photos can also be taken which is recorded to the computer and later printed. A very accurate linear footage counter is also displayed on the operator’s viewer monitor and recorded in the computer to accurately mark problem areas in the inspection. During the pipe run, all service lateral connections can be marked, inspected, and documented.

CCTV Report Documents
As standard, Pipe Services of Alabama, Inc. provides in a book format the following Reports for the CCTV Inspections:

Project Summary Report
This Report Identifies the Main ID (Station Number to Station Number), Date, Address, Camera Direction, Pipe Type, Asset Length (per drawing), Surveyed Length (Actual Camera Run), and Total Footage
Observation Report with Still Images
This Report Identifies the Main ID Information, Distance to each Observation, Identication of the Observation and Position Location, Severity, and any Comments as necessary. This report also takes Still Images of defects in the pipe with comments as requested
TV Inspection with Pipe-Run Graph
This Report Identifies the Main ID Information and gives a visual look at the pipe run information to scale of any defects, pictures, and / or comments about the pipeline. It also compares the Asset Length to the Actual Surveyed Length.