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Testing Services

“Air Acceptance Testing” is an underground “low air” pressure test to check for leakage in the mainline. This test is performed by plugging one end of the line segment and using a test plug at the other end of that line segment. Positive “Air Pressure” is then forced into the line segment and is held for a specified time at a specified PSI. Based on the inspection requirements, the line segment will be determined if it passes or fails the test.

“Segment / Leak Location Testing” is an underground test to locate leaks in a line segment. This test is performed by pulling two plugs (at a specified distance between the plugs) through the line segment. Airing up each segment until a segment loses air, and then marking that segment which indicates a leak. The test will continue to pull the total line segment to check for other leaks.

“Manhole Vacuum Testing” is an in-ground test to check the Manhole for leaks / infiltration. This test is performed by plugging all pipes in the manhole and covering the manhole ring with a Vacuum Plate. At this point, a vacuum machine will pull a vacuum in the manhole up to a specified amount (usually 10 Inches of Mercury or – 5 PSI). Once the vacuum level has been satisfied, a valve on the vacuum lid is closed and the test is started. At this point, the test is based on time to hold the set vacuum level. Most specification “time” is based on vertical depth of the manhole. If the vacuum level holds over the specified amount of time, the manhole will have passed the test.

“Mandrel Testing” is an underground test to check if the pipe maintains a circular shape after installation. This test is performed be pulling a mandrel sized for a particular pipe’s ID. Most mandrel specifications include a 5% or 7.5% allowable deflection. The mandrel is a cage device that is pulled from one end of a line segment to the other end of that segment. If successful, the line segment passes the test.

Other Services Include:

Building Manhole “Inverts”
Building Pipe “Collars” inside of the manhole with hydraulic cement.
Wiping Manhole “Seams” with hydraulic cement.
Raised Manhole “Ring and Lids” to Grade
Storm Drain Boxes

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